Let’s TIME TRAVEL together

Let's start small... it is Christmastime 2020.

The days are definitely shorter and yes, darker - it seemed to happen over night, probably sometime back in October - September came and went and with it our summer was gone in one day.

But that is our country, right? That IS the UK.

The truth is whilst those days have closed in, the nights are now filled with bright lights and beautiful piney and fire burny smells, there is that chill in the air that reaches only the exposed bits: the end of your nose, the tips of your fingers, your heart?

The coldness in your heart is the worst... I know because I had it too. Yes, you have fun, you laugh, you joke, and you definitely do smile but never quite as much as the next person and you don't really know why that is because your life looks AMAZING to anybody else.

You have secretly asked yourself if you're depressed and dreaded the answer. You have wondered if maybe you're just not capable of that level of happiness. Annoyingly, you have been told numerous times that your expectations of life and others are way too high.


You know you can be happy but how, what and who are you waiting for?

Now let me ask you something, are you even a little freaked out that I 100% know the answer to the above question because I really, truly, would bet any amount of money on it DO.

So let's go there again, let's time travel.

It is Christmas, it's been a weird year, a tough year but even before 2020 and the 'Rona hit you'd already been despondent. So we're in the most beautiful time of the year and you feel exactly the same way as you do right now. The same feeling as you open your eyes, the same pressures, the same frustrations, the same tolerances?

Tell me, does that feel good? Are you happy? Do you feel proud?

Sit there or a moment and let yourself FEEL it.

Let’s go further together, how about this time next year so Autumn 2021? The leaves are starting to turn orange and you feel exactly the same way, nothing has changed, you're still searching, still desperately hoping for SOMETHING to happen.