About Me

My name is Cheryl Thompson, I am an Empowerment Enabler, leading Executive Mentor and Business Consultant. 

I am the founder of 'Cheryl Thompson Coaching'.


Before fully embracing my skills and gifts, I was a passionate, highly respected, and very well-paid human-focused leader within the, very often male-dominated and nearly always male-led, Financial Services Industry. I literally u-turned my life through my own coaching programme, which is brutal honesty but only ever with love. Kindness and success DO go hand-in-hand - I am living proof. Through MY own harnessed skillset, I turned a life of £50k in debt, sickness and permanent fear, whilst earning £40k a year to zero debt, absolute courage and stunning happiness along with earning £230k a year in a job I loved and on MY terms. Ta-da!


I led at the Global big hitters: Lloyds Bank, The Financial Ombudsman Service, EY, Eversheds-Sutherland LLP, and KPMG, and these experiences taught me a LOT, which today, I am 100% grateful for but honestly, without effort and techniques on how NOT BE A VICTIM of my own life, it would not have been this way...

What else?


Well, you should know, I am a VERY proud Northerner, aka honest, loyal, protective, straight-talking, caring and yes, I can swear when necessary and yes, there are defo times when it IS necessary but don't let that put you off, it's my passion for all that I do. After happily living in various UK cities, I returned to my hometown, Doncaster, where I live with my truly amazing boyfriend, our PERFECT ginger cockerpoo, Lola and two children who live happily between us and their mum.​

(Truthfully? I am THAT woman who really doesn't want her own biological children...)​

Anyway, I LOVE what I do and the impact and reach coaching gives and I am already proud that you're here today.


THIS is often the hardest step so a massive well done already.

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