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Leaders – listen!

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

As the leader you are today, here & right now, I want you to think back to when you WISHED you were where you are today.

Go back in time, go back to when you first joined a business, when you first entered the working world. Have you any memory of how you felt? Does it feel an age ago? But try, try hard because how you felt back then matters, NOW & it matters to your team because they are where you were back then.

Do you remember looking up to somebody? Did you have a role model? Did you observe what you wanted to become as a leader from here? Did you notice their routines, their behaviours, how they walked, how they sat in meetings, how they dressed? Or was it elsewhere? Home?

For me, I saw what I admired but I also massively saw what I didn’t want to become & for me that was just as crucial.

The reason I ask you to time travel is because I want you to consider what you wish you’d been given back then, what would have helped you today, what would have quickened your journey? But also, what would have helped you overcome your fears? Did you, like me, learn from being forced to “do”? Alone? Learn by fuck ups? How did that feel? Serious question, how does it still feel?

Now don’t get me wrong, you’re this incredible leader – YES, you are, so your journey didn’t fail you BUT maybe it didn’t have to be that way, maybe the trauma to success could have been eased, maybe.


Now you’ve revisited the past, tell me is there anything you wish you’d had back then that could have helped build the best version of you that stands here today?


What is that?

Can you give that to your team? Are you able to, are you skilled in that area? Do you even know what you really did to achieve all you did? Do you have the real-time to invest so fully into others & do you have that right now? YES, you may say it is part of your day job but are you able to fully commit to the levels your people need?

I ask because I have spent my entire career smashing anything I was given, improving upon what was required, writing processes for efficiency, ease & success. That’s what I do. I am a motivator; I empower people to see in themselves what makes them magnificent & often it transpires what they had never seen in themselves before. I enable them to know how to package that up, know their worth, what they bring to the table, why it matters, why they count.

Once your team KNOW their worth, BUT know they are fully responsible for themselves, your job has just got a whole load easier. They will learn how to be reflective, how to be empowered to know what they want, how to be honest with their strengths & just as key, their development points, what not to even bother trying to develop, how to take feedback & give it, how to manage open & honest conversations positively. They will know how to manage YOUR needs at work, how to communicate considering YOUR requirements, how to facilitate YOUR successful day.

Isn’t that what we all need to be able to do?

BE that leader today that you NEEDED yesterday.

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