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It's Christmas Eve...

It’s nearly the end of 2020! Are you excited, relieved or maybe even anxious?

However you feel, it’s completely natural & your right.

And I’m here to remind you of your own EMPOWERMENT that needs ZERO external authority or permission. So YOU decide HOW you will exit 2020 & here are a few tips as to how:


Start with 5 minutes & slowly build up over the winter break. Try to be alone, somewhere quiet & focus on how you’re feeling in that exact moment. Then consider what you need to hear & say it to yourself something like this to yourself, whatever works for you:

I AM respected

I AM strong

I matter.


Sounds selfish but, I know. I don’t mean stop supporting your team and clients... no! What I do mean is this, stop absorbing the responsibility for others’ choices and actions. Share your voice, advise, point out risks, YES BUT at that point, you’ve done your duty and this is where your responsibility ends. This is advice for at home too and despite you being amazing at problem-solving RESIST fixing your family... nobody will thank you for it. Your biggest job is to look to the self and allow others to just BE. Focus on the self and the rest will fall into place.


I mean everything too - your laptop and your work brain. You are more than your role and “you” deserve some FUN! Plus the best way to switch off is this: with NO guilt and there are two things you can do:

1) Communicate ahead of time and honestly. Do what you can and be honest about what won’t be done. Doing this, will, I promise you, completely free you from guilt and you’ll gain respect.

2) Mindfully finish. Taking 5 mindful minutes to END your working year will prevent panic and fear over the holidays.


- say goodbye to this year

- say thank you for the gifts of 2020 (if you don’t know what they are, then dedicate your 5 min breathing exercises to asking to be shown your 2020 gifts/lessons/opportunities)

- close down your laptop

When you look upwards and away from that laptop look forwards to family, friends, peace, serenity, your bed, your dog, your children, whatever lights you up. Look forward to all YOU have achieved because whatever you have right here and right now is down to you and you alone. CONGRATS!

Give it a go and from me to you, thank you for being you, exactly as you are today.

Send me a DM of how you’re feeling, I’d love to hear from you!

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