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Welcome too, you’re in my community.

I' m Cheryl Thompson. I am known by many titles...

The Corporate Courage Coach, The Empowerment Enabler,

Mindset Mentor, and the Confidence Coach. plus others I can't yet share until we know each other a little better! 


More importantly, I am the founder of:

"Cheryl Thompson Coaching"

And I am the CEO of ALL MY own worlds.

I specialise in, and choose, to empower women - you're a consultant, manager, leader, an entrepreneur, and you're DONE with being stepped on AND over. You know you need to learn how to

be heard, be seen, and ultimately, counted in all your own worlds. But this can only ever take place on YOUR terms and whilst being paid your full worth.

Want to know how?

Get in touch today and start your journey back to being EMPOWERED, the BOSS of all you do, and be the LEADER of your life!

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