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Welcome, you true Superhero! Don your cape, because the world is calling for YOUR extraordinary talents and abilities!

I understand that at this moment, you might not feel exactly like a superhero. It's easy to feel frustrated or overlooked, as if your contributions are going unnoticed in your workplace.

Yet, you possess an incredible skill set and an unwavering dedication. You should be indispensable, because your passion is undeniable, even if a little dimmed right now. but what if I told you it's now time to break free from the shadows of feeling like an underappreciated bystander of your own life and career?

You've been pushed to the side, your voice drowned out. You've felt invisible, unheard, and undervalued, and this has led to a sense of disillusionment and resentment. I understand the frustration that wells up within you.

Here you stand, an exceptional worker with an arsenal of talents—always dependable, innovative, and diligent. Yet, where is the recognition you rightfully deserve?

It's hard not to notice your colleagues, those who seem to effortlessly ascend the ranks with their confident voices. You might find yourself questioning, "Must success mean sacrificing my authenticity? My truth??"

But fear not; you're not alone in this. You don't have to get involved in the drama or compromise your true self to gain recognition. It's time, a transformation is on the horizon!


The key lies in effective communication—being able to showcase your worth; translating your skills into language that resonates with others. I refer to this process as "find the human" as it helps you connect with others on a deeper and more personal level that commands attention.

Once you master this art, you won't need to persuade others of your value. They'll simply get it.


You'll stand tall, exuding purpose and impact, and you'll wield positive influence in whatever your sphere.

And here's the thrilling part: the table you've longed to sit at will finally have a spot reserved for you. Others will actively make room, inviting you to share your insights.


What's more, those seemingly elusive pay raises will become a reality, beyond what you thought achievable too.

This is no victim's journey—so buckle up, this about intentional ACTION from you. It's about embracing 100% responsibility and realising your true worth.

This is where I step in.


I'm Cheryl—a fearless, no-nonsense leadership and performance consultant. My mission? To assemble a global army of brave, compassionate, and authentic leaders who achieve mind-boggling success and happiness! Leaders who command respect, recognition, and enviable pay!

Through my guidance, my clients have achieved remarkable feats:

  • A jaw-dropping £26k pay raise in mere weeks.

  • Building their own work terms and conditions—defining how, where, and when they work.

  • Being sought after to share their insights and viewpoints.

  • Attaining promotions they had all but given up on.

  • Securing larger budget allocations for their departments to flourish, where they were once dismissed.

  • Discovering unparalleled happiness, fulfillment, and impact in their careers.

  • Receiving a constant stream of career-altering compliments and accolades wherever they go.

  • Transforming "doers" to empowered leaders.


So, are you ready to harness your inner superhero and seize the spotlight you've earned? It's time to break free from the confines of the past and stride forward with unwavering confidence.


Don't just be seen—be celebrated! Let's embark on this journey together and unveil the extraordinary leader already within you.



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Power Consultation

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Corporate Clients

121 Clients

What can we do together?

Ready to:

Cultivate unwavering confidence, maintaining proactive prowess?

Establish ethical leadership through principled actions?

Master assertive communication, securing desires guilt-free?

Attain mastery using effective tools?

Transform aspirations into deserved reality?

Forge stability and advancement, fostering empowerment?

Realize value, embrace passion-driven fulfilment?

Garner admiration, respect, and expert recognition?

Let Me Guide You...

My coaching enables transformative change:

Identify precise growth changes.

Acquire actionable strategies for effective progress.

Together, we craft a roadmap for a prosperous future.

Result? Empowerment Amplified

Experience profound mindset shifts, radiating visible impact. Elevate leadership, refine careers, and empower those around you.


Your journey starts here.

Picture of Cheryl Thompson, woman with red hair wearing dark red framed glasses and slightly smiling with her hand close to her face.

Pat Chatee

Over the last 18 months Cheryl has provided strategic consultancy to three senior members of the SQA Consulting management team. The impact has been phenomenal. I would highly recommend Cheryl and her services. Her mentoring skill are fantastic, drawing on the staff real time experiences to effect measurable change. SQA Consulting are looking at expanding the work that Cheryl has been doing with us and have are in the process of identifying the next suite of internal candidates.

Let's grow together


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