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You total Superhero! Grab your cape because your world needs YOU!


Yes, I know; right now, you don’t feel much like a superhero.  


You’re more likely pissed off (sulking even?) Resenting the fact you feel invisible, overlooked, devalued and totally unappreciated at work.


But you are brilliant at your job. You’re essential, and you’re passionate about what you do but still you’re becoming increasingly frustrated at feeling like a Taken-for-Granted Tania!


Side-lined, stepped over. Not seen, not heard.  


Disillusioned, disrespected and down-right fed up with the world. I get it! It’s infuriating. 


Here you are, a bloody hard worker with amazing skills.  Always ready, reliable and resourceful, so where is your respect and recognition?! 


You see your colleagues, the ones with the loud voices, winning the promotions, begging the question “Does success mean I have to become someone I’m not?”


You don’t want to play that game, you hate the office dramas, and yet you can’t see how else to stand out and earn a seat at the table.


Like I said, grab your cape. It is time!


Here’s the thing.  


In order to be truly seen and heard, appreciated and acknowledged, respected and rewarded you’ve got to be able to effectively communicate your value.


To translate what you do so that it’s meaningful to others. 


I call this “finding the human in your work” and pitching it in such a way that resonates so people sit up and take notice. 


Get this right and you’ll no longer be wasting time battling to persuade others of your worth.  


They’ll instantly just get it. You’ll be standing tall and delivering your potential with greater purpose, full impact and positive influence in the world. 


And the best part? You get the place at the table you deserve. People will proactively create space for you and invite you to contribute, plus you get the kind of pay rises that you thought were impossible.  


No victim mentality, no sulking nor complaining. You’ve got to take 100% responsibility and own your worth.  


And this is how I help you.   


I’m Cheryl - total badass, bullshit free leadership and performance consultant, and a Northern woman on a mission to build a global force of courageous, kind and truthful leaders, who are RIDICULOUSLY successful and happy!  Recognised, respected and highly remunerated!


While working with me, my clients have:


  • Got a £26k payrise within months 

  • Self created terms and conditions on how, where and when they work 

  • Been asked to speak and contribute their ideas and opinions

  • Got the promotion they wanted but had given up on

  • Won bigger shares of the budget for their departments to grow and thrive, where once they were ignored

  • Never felt happier, more fulfilled and impactful in their work

  • Had abundant inflows of career changing compliments and praise wherever they go

  • Left behind the “doing” and embodied the “leading”


Ready to don your cape and change the world with me?


Let’s talk.




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What can we do together?

Do you:

Want to always feel fearless, fantastic, and ALWAYS on the front foot?

Be an ethical and admired leader?

Want to learn how to ask for all you want without guilt or shame?

Crave absolute CONTROL through easy-to-apply tools?

Want to get on with living that AMAZING life that you have dreamed of and know you deserve?

To feel safe and secure in your own career?

Want to be paid your worth and LOVE what you do?

Be LOVED, RESPECTED, and the known EXPERT?

Here is HOW...

My coaching allows people to IDENTIFY and see PRECISELY what needs to change but then importantly HOW to do it! 

TOGETHER and step by step we build a map and strategy for your sustainable successful FUTURE! 

The outcome? You will feel SUPERCHARGED in how you think, feel and be, and guess what? The results are immediately seen by all.


Cheryl comes highly recommended! Having worked with Cheryl, I can say the following; She is genuinely interested in you as an individual and knows how to bring out the very best in you! She is warm, kind-hearted and uses her intuitive gifts to assess beyond the surface in getting to the root of problems and providing the much-needed solution. Her friendly approach immediately makes you feel comfortable in her presence. Cheryl is non-judgemental, doesn't tolerate mediocrity and is brilliant at what she does. Working with her will definitely bring out the best in you! 

Glory  Olamide

Let's grow together


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