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Being a boss can be tough - I get it. But that's because nobody has ever shown you "how". How to lead with powerful and infectious self-confidence, deep kindness, unquestionable trust. Can you even magine that? How to be human without anyone taking advantage because everyone who works with you, respects, trusts and admires you, and yes, even when you're delivering those oh so difficult yet vital conversations. It is all possible, and I know it because I am it, 25 years of leading in challenging times, where I never once lostmy moral compass and ALWAYS remained highly effective and positively successful. Let me show you how by allowing me to be the leadership mentor and coach you've never had yet always wanted.

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Who am I?

A 25 year experienced Financial Service Leader turned Leadership and Difficult Conversation coach. Having successfully and respectfully led and coached teams of hundreds of happy and efficient people to be their very best both personally and professionally. Having recruited thousands. Having built a new-to-industry consulancy for a leading law firm. Having led in the 2008/9 Global Financial Crash. I have many skills and expertise areas: I am a risk manager, data analytics geek, Programme Director, Project manager, process designer, quality assurance manager, mortgage advisor, financial services regulation and compliance obsessive, boundaries creator and communicator kinda girl. I am recently diagnosed Autistic (huge shock, but equally, not so much now I understand the nuances better...). Described as "The Poster Girl" for making autism work for a high powered and high profile career. Northern, straight-talking, dog loving, nature obsessed, psychotherapist in training with hypnosis and meditation skills! Firmly, and by choice, I have no biologically birthed by me children, but I do have two step-children who form a huge part of my learning and growth - we can LOADS from bairns (and animals and nature) IF we pay attention. A feminist but NOT misandrist. And general all round, know you can have everything you want in life with the right fine tuning...


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What can we do together?

Ready to: ✔ Cultivate unwavering confidence, maintaining proactive prowess? ✔ Establish ethical leadership through principled actions? ✔ Master assertive communication, securing desires guilt-free? ✔ Attain mastery using effective tools? ✔ Transform aspirations into deserved reality? ✔ Forge stability and advancement, fostering empowerment? ✔ Realize value, embrace passion-driven fulfilment? ✔ Garner admiration, respect, and expert recognition? ​ Let Me Guide You... ​ My coaching enables transformative change: ​ ✔ Identify precise growth changes. ✔ Acquire actionable strategies for effective progress. ​ Together, we craft a roadmap for a prosperous future. ​ Result? Empowerment Amplified ​ Experience profound mindset shifts, radiating visible impact. Elevate leadership, refine careers, and empower those around you. Your journey starts here.


Pat Chatee

Over the last 18 months Cheryl has provided strategic consultancy to three senior members of the SQA Consulting management team. The impact has been phenomenal. I would highly recommend Cheryl and her services. Her mentoring skill are fantastic, drawing on the staff real time experiences to effect measurable change. SQA Consulting are looking at expanding the work that Cheryl has been doing with us and have are in the process of identifying the next suite of internal candidates.

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